Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Here We Go

I'm not a blogger. I'm not a writer. The last time I even wrote something substantial was my final paper for my bachelor's degree. "Environmental Challenges of Urbanization in Africa". Super exciting and entertaining, I know. But every now and then I try something (usually food) that I would love to share with other people. This is where my blog comes in.

Husband in Iraq
It's called Hungry Hungry Husband because, well, I have a very hungry husband! He works extremely hard (a Combat Engineer in the Army) and at the end of the day, he needs a nice, home cooked meal (that I try to keep healthy, but doesn't always happen). 
I plan on keeping this a mostly food oriented blog, but I have to warn you... If I'm excited about something, I'll probably write about it. Most likely is my obsession with our two new additions to the family. Diesel and Denali are our 8 week old Siberian Huskies. Little terrors, let me tell you. But absolutely adorable. Or I may rant about the latest drama that comes along with being married to a Soldier. Or married life in general. Being a newlywed, I've learned a lot in the first 2 months of marriage and have a LOT more to learn. So bare with me. 

I get a lot of my food inspirations from Pinterest, which is the main reason why I started this blog. I wanted to be able to pin my recipes and actually have a link with pictures, tweaks, and reviews. So on that note, welcome to Hungry Hungry Husband!

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