Friday, August 3, 2012

Naughty Pups

Today is awesome because it's the first day of my husband's four day weekend! Woo hoo! These are few and far between in the Army, so when they come, it's like the best thing to happen to you since...well, the last 4 day I suppose! Lots of husband and puppy quality time :) Love it. 

Denali. Charcoal stains!
So anyway, I don't have a recipe for today. Last night we celebrated my husband's birthday (about a week late) with a bunch of friends. I got the night off, that's nice every now and then! But as we were just about to start getting ready for our night out, the puppies decided to get ornery. Diesel and Denali ate a sponge that I used to clean the bathroom. It had bleach and Comet on it so of course, I freaked out. I was so thankful my husband was home from work already because he's so great at staying calm in hectic situations. So he called the vet immediately and they told us to bring the pups in right away. 

Staying cool in the AC!

The pups were given a charcoal medicine to coat the lining of their stomach and intestines so that the bleach wouldn't cause sores. And then Diesel vomited up almost the entire sponge! What a naughty boy. Like I've said before, they are so adorable, but they are naughty little terrors! 

So although there is no recipe today, I plan on making something fantastic for Hungry Husband tonight because he's going to clean the cars and take care of the pups while I get to go shopping with my neighbors! Don't feel bad for him though, his happy place is with the cars...he'd probably rather spend time with them than me some days! So, happy Friday everyone!

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