Sunday, August 5, 2012

Things Happen

So. I've wanted to share a certain recipe for quite awhile now, but haven't had a chance to make it. I was going to make it after I went shopping with my neighbors but by the time I got home, my husband was asleep and there was a half eaten pot of mac n cheese on the counter. Woopsie. Then, I was going to make it last night for a yummy Saturday night meal, but we ended up grilling out with the neighbors and going to see The Dark Knight (Gooooo see it if you haven't already!). So no dinner lasts night either.

THEN I was planning on making it tonight! But my husband got called into work for 24 hours. Boooo. I don't want to make this fantastic dinner (which also happens to be Hungry Husband's favorite recipe) and have to eat it all alone. I suppose I could share it with the pups, but I have a feeling my husband would be jealous!

So, no recipe today. But, I decided come hell or high water, I will be making this dish tomorrow for dinner! My husband will get home in the morning, sleep all day, and I'll surprise him with his favorite meal for dinner. Perfect. So, until then, happy Sunday!

And keep your fingers crossed for this AMAZING meal. Seriously, I can't wait to share it.

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